Starr Computers in women’s empowerment seminar -sharing device unveiled

( Starr Computers Inc on Saturday unveiled a new computer sharing device called “The Virtual Computer” at an Information Communications Technology (ICT)/Women’s Empowerment seminar hosted with the S4 Foundation, a women’s support network.

About 30 women received training in ICT and entrepreneurship at the conference room of the local company, where they were exposed to information on available opportunities. The group included 11 women brought down from St Cuthbert’s Mission to participate. These are women skilled in Arts and Craft and they are now being given an opportunity to market their skill and pieces.

The women were schooled on the revolutionary new computer sharing device, “the virtual box” which Starr will be launching in a secondary school shortly, after which it hopes it will catch on so that more schools can benefit from electronic learning. The device works by connecting a standard computer processing unit (cpu) to a number of monitors with keyboard and mouse, multiplying thework stations derived from that one system. The devices range from a 5-station capacity to any number depending on the capacity of the CPU, eg a 4 Gigabyte CPU with 8 Gigabytes of memory and a 2.8 Gigahertz processor can operate 30 work stations. The benefits of this mechanism include reduction of e-waste, lower energy consumption, reduced heat and thus dependency on air-conditioning, less space required and cheaper and infrequent maintenance. Other topics covered during the seminar included ICT for small businesses, how to identify opportunities for entrepreneurship, marketing using social media and other platforms, and other micro-topics in the spirit of empowerment.

Director of Starr Computers Inc, Michael Mohan (left) with participants

Officials said that Starr would usually host and conduct seminars to educate students on technology but this was their first time hosting exclusively women and they welcomed the landmark experience.

According to an official from the S4 Foundation, Imarah Radix the initiative was sparked by a decision taken in light of a situation uncovered during the course of conducting activities in women support over the last two years. Radix said that the group wanted to do some classes to improve the literacy skills in some communities and teach new skills, but evolved into this. She related that they approached Starr for assistance in the endeavour and were warmly received.

“We want the women to know what opportunities are available to them and inspire them to want achieve great things and to evolve from traditional gender roles,” Radix declared. “They need to get excited about ICT rather than be intimidated by it,” she added. When asked about what more can be expected from S4, she said that they are currently working on an online platform to promote artistes and provide a place to share and sell skills and craft. To learn about how binary options work in Binary Options Ghana please visit Binary Options Ghana. They also plan to host other workshops on topics including blogging, maximum utility of social media and exchange of skills between members of the community. She added that the activities aren’t exclusive to women even though that is their main focus.