Benefits of Membership

Chamber Membership: What is it all about?

Membership is about the development of the community, networking your business and enlightened self-interest. It puts the information you need at your fingertips and gives you somewhere to turn when you need advice or assistance. It also ensures that the opportunities you seek are within your grasp.

What’s in it for you?

Benefits from the Consumer’s Perspective

When consumers know that a business is a member of the Chamber, they are more likely to think favorably of it, and they’re more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.

Talk about brand awareness and image enhancement!

Additionally, a high level of involvement in the Chamber by a business grants it a certain level of trustworthiness and competitiveness and a competitive edge in the local marketplace. In fact, those businesses are automatically perceived by many to be industry leaders.

The result is that the companies are highly perceived as users of good business practices, reputable, caring about their customers and being more involved in their communities overall.

 Benefits from the Business Owner’s Perspective

The following represent the nuts and bolts of how your joining the Chamber can yield measurable and positive results for you and your specific business over time.

1. Promotions and Publicity

As a new member of the Chamber, you will be listed in our directory and have the opportunity to be highlighted in other Chamber publications. Additionally, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) advertising and publicity opportunities are sometimes available to members exclusively, and our mailing list access alone could be worth its weight in gold.

2. Networking

While today’s technology and the ability to network online may have you wondering if the Chamber of Commerce way of going business in person is obsolete, think again, There is still nothing as strong as face-to-face communication where building trust, respect and name recognition is concerned, and it’s only through building that level of relationship over time that you are likely to acquire customer referrals and find the most suitable vendors, consultants and distributors you need to help you grow your small business long term.

3. Make business contacts

The Chamber’s most fundamental mission is to generate more business activity for the community. The Chamber initiates more B2B commerce and more opportunities for networking and connecting local professionals than is available through most other local organisations.

4. Events and programs

The Chamber will facilitate a whole host of activities and events over the course of a given year, each designed to help you to either get to know your peers, your competition or your customers that much better. These kinds of programs provide tremendous business opportunities for people to get to know one another and expand their prospect base and generate great leads.

5. Members-only discounts and services

Oftentimes, the Chamber will negotiate deals with companies and businesses that provide the products and services that businesses need most. These discounts alone can mean big savings to small business owner in particular, making the cost of dues almost negligible by comparison.

6. Government access and impact

Since the Chamber speaks with a united voice, one very much in favor of business interests, members are more likely to have an impact on government decision-making as part of a larger body than they would on their own. Additionally, elected officials are much more likely to entertain an audience of concerned Chamber of Commerce members as opposed to any one individual business owner.

There are numerous committees needing volunteers. SIGN UP NOW AND GET INVOLVED!

  • Trade and Investment Committee
  • Security Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • PR & Fundraising Committee
  • Advocacy & Governance Committee
  • Reconstruction Committee
  • Human Resources Management Committee
  • Green Economy Committee