Menu of Services

I. Member to Member Discount Programme

The Chamber through the M2M Discount programme, is committed to helping its members cut costs and save money whenever possible is an ever changing economic environment.

Designed to enhance your membership value, this is a programme where everyone benefits: you extend special benefits to other GCCI members for your business and in return you receive advertising, recognition and referrals at many other businesses.

Only members of the programme will be able to benefit from the others. Thus, take advantage of this opportunity; add your business to our growing list of participating members.

N.B: In order to proceed with the transaction the representative(s) will be required to show their National Identification Card or Company badge.

M2M Discount List

II. Advertising Opportunities

a) Online:

  • Website

The Chamber is pleased to launch its online advertising service. The primary purpose of this service is to give members and the general business community the opportunity to advertise their businesses and services all year round at competitive prices.



  Rates ( $GY )
Dimension 1 month 3 months 6 months

(includes 5% discount)

1 year

(includes 5% discount)

Leaderboard 100*100px $20,000 $60,000 $114,000 $228,200
Full Banner 940*212px $15,000 $45,000 $85,500 $171,000
Rectangle AD 220*120px $8,000 $24,000 $45,600 $91,200
Rectangle AD 220*120px $5,000 $15,000 $28,500 $57,000

Members and Non-members

  • Email Promotion and Publicity to Members

Business is competitive and your business needs every edge it can get. A core function of the Chamber is to increase public awareness of your business.

As part of our benefits to members, this is an excellent promotional opportunity for you to publicize and promote various aspects of your business through the Chamber’s Facebook page and website.

For example you can share information about the following:

  1. New product introductions
  2. New services
  3. Awards
  4. Special offers
  5. Volunteer needs
  6. Events, seminars, etc.

  • Press Releases

Is there something special going on in your business? Have you or one of your employees won any special awards? Completed a special training? Let us know! We will circulate to our members for their information.

b) Business Directory

The Business Directory is aimed at showcasing the products and services offered by our members to both the local and overseas public.

Details for the publication are as follows:

  1. 8.5″ x 11″
  2. Full colour
  3. One hundred pages + Cover
  4. High graphic content
  5. Perfect bound
  6. Circulation of 200
 AD Placement  Size  Rate US$ Issue Cost: GYD $
Outside Back Cover 8.5 *11” 750 150,000
Inside Front Cover 8.5 *11” 650 130,000
Inside Back Cover 8.5 *11” 650 130,000
Full Page 7.25 *10” 550 110,000
Half Page – Vertical 3.625 *10” 400 80,000
Half Page – Horizontal 7.25 *5” 400 80,000
Quarter Page – Vertical 3.625 *5” 250 50,000
Quarter Page – Panel 7.25 *2.5” 250 50,000

Members and Non-Members

c) Annual Report

Our annual report is a comprehensive report of our organisation’s activities throughout the preceding year.


AD Placement

 Size  Rate US$ Issue Cost

Rate GYD $

Outside Back Cover 8.5 *11” 750 150,000
Inside Front Cover 8.5 *11” 650 130,000
Inside Back Cover 8.5 *11” 650 130,000
Full Page 7.25 *10” 550 110,000
Half Page – Vertical 3.625 *10” 400 80,000
Half Page – Horizontal 7.25 *5” 400 80,000
Quarter Page – Vertical 3.625 *5” 250 50,000
Quarter Page- Panel 7.25*2.5″ 250 50,000

Members and Non-members

d) Business Guyana Magazine (BGM)

The BGM is an investor’s guide to doing business in Guyana. It gives a holistic view of Guyana and its business sectors which promotes Guyana as the first choice for trade and investment in the local, regional and international markets.

Details of the Publication:

  1. 8.5″ x 11″
  2. Full-colour
  3. One hundred pages + Cover
  4. High graphic content
  5. Perfect bound
  6. Circulation of 5000
Position Size (W x H) Rates (US$)
Outside Back Cover 8.5” x 11” 2,750
Inside Front Cover 8.5” x 11” 2,250
Inside Back Cover 8.5” x 11” 2,250
Full Page 7.25” x 10” 2,000
Half Page (Horizontal) 7.25” x 5” 1,250
Half Page (Vertical) 3.625” x 10” 1,250
Quarter Page (Vertical) 3.625” x 5” 800
Quarter Page Panel 7.25” x 2.5” 800

Members and Non-members

 e) TV Advertising

The Chamber’s weekly television programme called “The Chamber’s Business Review” is an informative television magazine intended to showcase the activities of the GCCI, featured interviews of prominent business personalities and the broadcast of our popular training seminars for the entire country’s benefit.

Advertising Rates:

60 Mins – Airtime + Rebroadcast 60 Mins –Airtime 30 Mins – Airtime + Rebroadcast 30 Mins –Airtime 10 Mins Airtime
$100, 000 $50,000 $50,000 $25,000 $20,000

Benefits of sponsorship are as follows:

  1. Visible exposure for your company via television
  2. The broadcast of your company’s corporate 30 second to 1 minute advertisement(s)
  3. Acknowledgement of corporate sponsorship by use of your company’s name/log on the television programme.

 f) Event Sponsorship

 Several of the Chamber’s special events feature sponsors. Sponsors receive various forms of marketing and publicity benefits ranging from Business focus banners and public recognition at events. Many different levels of sponsorship are available for events such as our Business Dinners, Business Luncheons, Cocktail Socials, Seminars and Workshops. Event sponsorship is a great way to support the Chamber and receive marketing exposure for your business.

Sponsorship Categories:

Gold Sponsorship – $100,000 Company banner hung in dining room, prerogative to have promotional material displayed, acknowledgement on programme, announcement by the Master of Ceremonies.
Silver Sponsorship – $60,000 Company banner hung in dining room, acknowledgement on programme, announcement by the Master of Ceremonies.
Bronze Sponsorship – $30,000 and below Company banner hung in the hallway, Acknowledgement on programme, announcement by the Master of Ceremonies.   

 g) Counter Top Marketing

Bring your business cards and brochures to the Chamber’s office for display at the front counter. It is a great way to market your business to anyone who visits the Chamber.

III. Business After Hours Forum

The Business After Hours forum is the premiere networking event for business professionals. It is usually held on a Wednesday from 5pm-7pm. This 2 hours time frame gives you the opportunity to discuss and share ideas while learning about other local businesses.

It is a relationship building experience held in a relaxing setting that benefits you and your company through added contacts and resources.

Stay for 20 minutes or enjoy the full 2 hours. Get out there! Give people the chance to get to know you so they will want to do business with you.

 IV. Event Coordination: Branding

Chamber events offer a wonderful chance to expand your network by connecting with our members, industry leaders and experts! Let us collaborate to expand your circle and gain new customers.

  1. Collaborating with companies to host meetings, conferences, workshops and seminars.
  2. Organize meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, business dinners & luncheons and cocktails for other companies.

N.B. Calculated based on the magnitude of work and required resources.

 V. Table Hosts

Hosting a table at one of the Chamber’s events is a great way to meet new people and market your business! Simply call the Secretariat to sign up to be a table host at an upcoming Chamber event. Then plan goodies, hand out your business information, decorate your table and be prepared to “host” your guests at the event.

VI. Trade and Investment Development Opportunities

The Chamber offers Trade and Investment development activities such as:

  1. Organisation of trade and investment missions;
  2. Arranging meetings between visiting trade delegations and members; and
  3. Organizing trade fairs and exhibitions or coordinating members’ participation in overseas fairs and exhibitions.

a) Trade Missions

The aim of a trade mission is to increase importation and exportation of local products.

Trade missions offer good opportunities for members to explore business development potentials in other countries. The organisation of such missions is approached on a project basis and some basic procedures followed are:

  1. Planning the mission– scope; timing and duration; destination and itinerary; budget.
  2. Pre-mission preparation– appointment of mission leader, secretary and treasurer; printing of mission brochures; printing of mission brochures; contracting counterpart chamber in host country; drawing up programme for mission travel and accommodation arrangements.
  3. Carrying out the mission– attending meetings; courtesy calls, factory visits.
  4. Post mission follow-up– production of mission report; de-briefing sessions.

Generally, mission members commit a fair amount of time and expenses to participate in the missions, so we ensure a well-conceived pre-mission planning and preparations to avoid unnecessary problems such as:

  • Disappointment with the mission programme because the host chamber did no have eough time to organize their members to meet the mission; or adequate information to match mission members’ interest with the programme planned for them.
  • Unforeseen delays arising from failure to confirm flight and hotel bookings.
  • Loss of exhibits/products samples sent out as unaccompanied baggage, etc.

N.B. Calculated based on the the magnitude of work and required resources.

 b) Hosting Visiting Delegation

The Chamber is a recognized point of reference for visiting business men and women and is also an effective way to introduce foreign businesses to members.

The Secretariat obtains information on the incoming mission’s objectives, interest, composition and proposed length of stay and coordinate and plans a programme for the mission. Staff also collate pertinent general information such as the volume of trade between the two countries and whether there are bi-national companies operating in either or both countries.

To ensure that the visiting mission meets the relevant members of the Chamber, the Secretariat’s staff handling the reception programme would need sufficient time to identify the relevant members, notify and organize a suitable programme of meetings.

N.B. Calculated based on the magnitude of work and required resources.

 c) Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

 These are popular with companies wishing to introduce their products and services to the market. Chambers with adequate resources may prefer to organize their own exhibitions while others may decide to co-organise these with established exhibition companies or to coordinate their members’ participation in fairs staged by other organisations.

Organizing a trade exhibition is a rather mammoth exercise in a Chamber’s calendar. The event could easily take 9-12 months to plan and carry out and considerable manpower and financial resources are required. An organizing committee along with sub-committees are established to concentrate on various key areas such as marketing and publicity, facilities and reception.

N.B. Price to be discounted or increased based on the magnitude of work and required resources.

VII. Business Referrals/Matching

The secret to great business networking is establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. Building a strong network is essential to companies and executives in order to survive. It is the secret to a successful career and business.

Business by referrals is aimed specifically at helping sales-oriented professionals by connecting them to other industries and the personal and professional networks of those in the group.

N.B. Price to be discounted or increased based on the magnitude or work and required resources.

VIII. Government Relations Assistance

The Chamber is involved in Government Affairs. This is because public policy affects the members, hence the need for elected officials to hear from the Chamber as the voice of the business community. The Chamber acts as the liaison between the membership and the Government.

Participation in sectoral planning and policy making is seen primarily as an activity carried out at the level of local, regional or central government, leading to changes in legislation, incentives, policies, etc. affecting businesses.

Under the Advocacy and Governance Committee, the Chamber does the following:

  • Articulate members’ concerns in a unified voice attracting policymakers’ attention.
  • Meet regularly with decision-makers to discuss key policy issues and establish channels of communication and close working relationships with their staff.
  • Provide sound policy-relevant information to policy makers so that they may start automatically turning to business associations to policy advice.
  • Engage in both proactive and reactive advocacy (help to set the policy agenda by voicing concerns and proposing specific policies as opposed to only reacting to proposals already on the table).
  • Keep abreast of imminent and current policy proposals so that they can thoroughly examine the issue and prepare a sound policy response.
  • Help prevent frequent changes to the business-related legal and regulatory framework that scare away investors and hinder entrepreneurship.
  • Monitor implementation of advocated policies to ensure that they are administered fairly, consistently and swiftly, thereby strengthening the rule of law.
  • Publicize successes to “brand” the association as an active agent to positive change.

IX. Job Bank

The Chamber’s job bank is an electronic listing of jobs provided by employers from everywhere across Guyana. The job bank will soon become the country’s premiere source of job opportunities. We invite you to see how easy it is to post jobs online today!

X. Business Information

The Chamber provides regular updates on employment legislation and business regulation to members. Provide members with information on all local, regional and international trade related matters of relevance. Sourcing and distributing statistical information and relevant data on trade and industry, imports and exports, manufacturing processes and finance. Answering queries of a general nature from third parties.

N.B. Anything requiring research, a cost will be attached depending on the magnitude of work and required resources.

XI. Brokering/Promotion of Services

 The Chamber provides opportunities for members to show-case their goods and services to potential buyers; towards creating opportunities for joint ventures and other types of partnerships, and towards leveraging of resources, service etc. between two or more partners.

XII. Research Activities

As well as ensuring we achieve our policy objectives through interaction and engagement with national, regional and local policy-makers and relevant stakeholders, we undertake our own in-house research and produce regular policy briefings on topical issues.

As the country’s most representative private sector organisation, our survey-based research is unique in being truly led by industry. The Chamber also gathers intelligence that keeps members informed on business trends and policy developments.

XIII. Standards/Best Practices Facilitation and Promotion

This services is geared towards inculcating good business practices among members as well as an appreciation for standards in all aspects of the business. All members are required to abide by the code of conduct established by the Chamber.

XIV. Social/Community Work

While Corporate Social Responsibility means different thing to different companies, it can be broadly defined as the concept that corporations should voluntarily commit to, i.e. ethical, responsible business practices, reflecting the interests of all stakeholders in the company’s policies and actions. Key areas of concern include but are not limited to employee relations, environmental stewardship, community outreach, and corporate governance.

The Chamber supports activities outside its ‘core work’, engaging with organisations from various social sectors and communities. We aim to use our links with businesses to promote and encourage community engagement and corporate responsibility. We believe that partnership working can enhance communications and understanding between different communities.

XV. Board Room Rental

The Chamber’s board room is available for use by Chamber members and other individuals who need a professional setting for meetings during normal Chamber business hours (9am-4:30pm), after business hours (5pm-9pm: Mon-Fri) and weekends (9am-4pm: Sat-Sun).

N.B. To confirm reservation, payment should be made within 3 working days prior to the desired date of rental.

XVI. Advocacy

As any good Chamber of Commerce, Advocacy is a critical part of the work of the GCCI. By keeping a close eye on Government and its legislative and policy agenda, the Chamber is able to make an input in the content and substantive design and final output of these processes.

The Chamber adopts rational, informed positions that take into account not only of the short term interests of members and the wider business community, but brings to bear a perspective that calls for efficient, well researched and thought out policy that achieves national goals and objectives with minimal negative impact on the business, society, environment and economy.

XVII. Networking

Networking pertains to establishing and developing social and business relations with useful “contacts” which may be individuals, government or business organisations. At the Chamber level, this translates into forging strategic alliance with local and foreign business organisations, other Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Trade Associations, other Service Providers, Universities, Training Institutions and Government Organisations and Agencies.

For the members of the Chamber, useful contacts would include fellow member companies and other business organisations that would be potential business partners/associates, customer or suppliers, political decision makers, Ambassadors, Trade Commissioners, business leaders, industrialists, professionals, academicians, technocrats, etc.

Since the Chamber draws its membership from a wide spectrum of industries, the Chamber provides varionsious forums for networking, such as:

  • Talks, seminars and conferences
  • Discussion groups
  • Social functions

N.B. Fee depends on the type of event. Some are free while others are not.

XVIII. Representation

The Chamber represents members at various domestic, regional, hemispheric and international trade negotiation meetings and delegations. The Chamber also negotiates for and on behalf of members and Government and other relevant stakeholders.

XIX. Library Services

Aside from information on trade and business opportunities, members are generally interested in information on:

  • Laws and rules governing business operations;
  • Foreign trade regulations such as tariff and non-tariff barriers;
  • Sources of funding and government’s subsidies and assistance schemes and trade incentives such as tax rebates;
  • Contact address of exporters and importers in other countries;
  • Country, market and product profiles;
  • Economic statistics;
  • International industry and product codes and classifications; and
  • International product standards.

The library staff encourages members as well as their colleagues to make use of the library. To enhance the usefulness of library services, the library staff will it user-friendly by…

  • Advising users on reference materials available in the library.
  • Providing regular updates on new material available in the library. One easy way to do this is to include library accession list (preferably with a short synopsis of the publication where relevant).

 XX. Consultancy Services

The Chamber offers basic “in-house” consultancy services on energy conservation, environmental issues and industrial relation matters. The Chamber rely on the varies resources of member companies to build up a pool of industrialists, technologists and professionals whose expertise and experiences could be tapped upon for consultancy when the need arises. The job of identifying the areas of expertise required and putting up a project proposal could be assigned to an industry officer, research personnel or training staff of the Chamber.

N.B. Fee depends on the level and scope of consultancy service required.

XXI. Small Business Development Centre

The Chamber’s Small Business Development Centre provides technical support to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing development resources for strategic planning and guidance for starting a business and its successful growth.

  1. Knowledge & Skills Enhancement– to provide SMEs with the requisite knowledge and skills to write grant proposals to access funds from donor agencies to expand their businesses and to provide SMEs with the knowledge necessary for them to become export ready.
  2. Strengthening the export capacity of SMEs to respond to market opportunities– the Chamber will teach SMEs to assess their financial position, develop an export plan, develop distributions channels, develop a promotion plan for business, learn to competitively price goods, develop payment terms, develop risk management plans, understanding the market target, be innovative, etc.
  3. Mainstreaming inclusiveness and sustainability into trade promotion and export development policies– to provide training to SMEs through a combination of knowledge and skill enhancement to improve the availability and use of trade intelligence.

N.B. Fee depends on the level and scope of service required.