Linden Chamber wants answers to electrical outage

Recently elected President of the Linden Chamber of Commerce, Kevin De Jonge is still seeking answers from the relevant authorities on the causes of the recent electrical outages in Linden.

De Jonge, who was elected at the Chambers’ annual general meeting on 28 November, 2013, said that he personally attempted to contact, Horace James, head of Linden Electricity Inc. (LEI) by telephone to get information about the electrical outages but was unable to do so. De Jonge also said that the complaints the Chamber received about spoilage of meat and other perishable produce were made by business people, who were not members of the Linden Chamber of Commerce.

Stressing the Chamber’s concern at the lack of a proper explanation about the prolonged electrical outages, De Jonge said, “we plan to engage the stakeholders and urge them to put measures in place to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future because from what I was made to understand, it was a problem that could have been avoided”.

He said that he still needs to speak to the Bosai General Manager as well as James of LEI to get a clear explanation of what transpired. He added that the Linden Chamber of Commerce has sent a letter to Bosai to have a meeting to discuss the matter. Bosai generates the electricity supplied to Linden.