Leadership Coach Rawle Dundas on a Mission to Remodel Customer Service

Source: http://www.stabroeknews.com/2014/news/stories/11/25/leadership-coach-rawle-dundas-mission-remodel-customer-service/

Leadership Coach Rawle Dundas is on a mission to remodel customer service in Guyana, one seminar at a time.

In September and October, his company Professional Development Enterprise (ProDE) and JTW and Associates conducted seminars that provided a clear understanding of customer experience (CX), how to implement it and how to ensure it works to build your business. Due to the huge response and success, he said, seminars will start again in January.

Dundas’s belief is that “we are all customers; there is always an occasion when we require the assistance of another person to satisfy our needs or wants. Those are often met, maybe not promptly, fully or with the quality anticipated but nevertheless, we accept what is received and move on.”

Often, he said, the customer is satisfied, but there are no fond memories of the experience or if there are they quickly wear off. This, he said, is basic customer service and too many companies give their customers ordinary service but it just is not enough. They focus on the transaction – handing the product or service to the customer when they would be better served to expand the product or service to include the experience. And this is where Dundas and what he does comes in.

He notes that over the last decade, the value of the CX over basic customer service has been highlighted across various industries. That experience is the end-to-end interaction that the customer has with the business. It involves, he said, the “moment of truth” – that moment when the customer gets his/her first impression of the business. Often it can be a moment of misery where the customer is turned off having received satisfactory service with the purchase but encountering a bad experience before leaving the premises.

Dundas said all customers would prefer to experience a moment of wow and he believes they deserve it too.

Exceptional customer experiences translate to customer loyalty and the businesses that benefit are those that are truly customer centric. Dundas said these are businesses that treat their staff well, prompting them to also treat external customers well. Loyal customers promote your business incessantly and look for reasons to come back, he added.

Dundas is a certified member of the John Maxwell International Team: Training, Coaching and Speaking on Customer Service, Leadership and Personal Development through ProDE.

For over two decades, he has been training all levels of staff primarily in customer service and also conducted safety, sales, communication, leadership and motivational training for Universal Air, DHL, Cara Inn, Unicomer Guy-ana Inc, Agape Network, Marian Academy, Grace Kennedy Guyana, MACORP, Hand in Hand Mutual and Empretec. He was Guyana’s first IATA qualified Flight Attendant Trainer (1992).

Professional Developmental Enterprise is a member of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry; he has done presentations at seminars they hosted.

Last May ProDE hosted for the first time in Guyana: Leadercast Georgetown

Prior to launching ProDE, he has held leadership positions in the aviation, hospitality and retail industries. His last corporate position was Director of Customer Service at Unicomer (Courts) Guyana Inc.