GCCI, GMSA mourn passing of Terry Holder

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) and the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) have extended their condolences to the family and relatives of the late Terence Holder.

In messages, the two private sector organisations regretted the passing of Terry Holder, a private sector leader and advocate, who had served on the executives of both organisations for many years.

The GCCI said that he had held many executive level positions at the GCCI, including that of Senior Vice-President, and will also be remembered for his intellect, insightfulness and sagacity on issues that attracted the attention of the chamber and which affected the country’s social and economic climate.

It recalled that during his tenure at the GCCI, Holder had been a staunch advocate for corporate social responsibility (CSR) being a fundamental part of the operations of the GCCI and its members and he had formulated and led many initiatives in this regard for the chamber.

He also played the role of mentor to new and young members of the GCCI’s executive, offering valuable counsel and advice as they transitioned into the arena of private sector advocacy.  GCCI President Clinton Urling recalled being a beneficiary of Holder’s wisdom and understanding on many occasions when he became a member of the chamber’s executive council.

The GCCI took solace in the fact that the contributions he made to Guyana will continue to inspire present and future generations.

The GMSA said that Holder, as the representative of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, had served on the board of directors since the mid-1990s, including as Vice President responsible for Public Communications for more than six years before he demitted office due to ill health.

The association’s statement described Holder as a dependable, articulate and outstanding member.  It said that the GMSA had benefited tremendously from the polite and appealing approach he had brought to internal, national and international situations and programmes, and from his broad expertise in verbal and written communication and programme planning.

“Terry represented extremely high standards in every aspect of his work for the GMSA and the association has not missed an opportunity to express its gratitude to him, tangibly and intangibly, for more than a decade of dedication.  Our appreciation is even greater considering that he was able to offer the same level of service to the Guyana Cricket Board, the Rotary Club and a number of other local and regional NGOs,” the association recalled.

The GMSA said that Terry Holder has secured a place in the annals of the GMSA and will not be forgotten; he has touched too many lives, given a hands-up to too many people; and unselfishly shared his life’s passion for communications in all its diversity with correctness and steady determination.