Digicel contributes to Holi

[www.guyanatimesgy.com] – Digicel on Thursday made its annual contribution to the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabah in support of the festival of colours for the fifth consecutive year. Phagwah will be celebrated in Guyana on Monday, March 17. In making the contribution, Events and Sponsorship Manger Gavin Hope re-emphasised the need for Guyanese to preserve their culture “as we are a very diverse people with a diverse culture and supporting events like this helps us to do just that”. It is well known that Phagwah is a festival that brings Guyanese from all walks of life together in celebration. Receiving the contribution from Digicel were Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabah executive members Raj Singh and Michael Seeram. Apart from the monetary contribution, Digicel also presented the Sabah with a quantity of Phagwah powder for the annual Kala Utsav celebration, which will be held at the Everest Cricket Club on Carifesta Avenue on Monday, starting from 15:00h.