Tony’s Variety Store

  • Address: 66 Middle Road, La Penitence, Georgetown, Guyana.
  • Telephone: 592 227-3300
  • Fax: None
  • Website:
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TVS – Tony’s Variety Store was founded by Dr. Anthony Rhamanohar who started out as a one-man operation from his home in La Penitence about 25 years ago. The business grew in volume and 10 years ago a warehouse was bought in Sandy Babb St., Kitty, Georgetown, from which the main hub of the business now operates.

Through diligence, foresight and focus on quality, customer relations, pricing structure and dependability, the business grew. Two years ago, two more storage bonds were acquired.

Because of benefits tax wise, the business is private owned. In 2011 Tony’s Variety Store introduced the logo ‘TVS’. TVS volume of sales as of 2010 amounted to a high seven digit figure.

TVS – Tony’s Variety Store has a vision to become a leading provider of customizable school and office stationery, janitorial suppliers, household chemicals and small household articles.  We want to make our brands household names and must-haves for all businesses. With this in mind TVS has introduced its own registered private labels:

  •  Aaron® – School and Office Stationery
  • Excellent Care® – Health and Beauty Aid
  • Seal-It USA® – Stationery and Packaging Tapes
  • Maria Anastasia® – Party and Decorating Goods
  • Qik-Pak® – Home and Commercial Packaging/storage Material

Besides its own private labels, TVS also markets/distribute some international labels such as SC Johnson and Max Private Label – Lusti.