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The greatest challenge we face today is Climate Change – created primarily from the excess use of fossil fuel. And, the best opportunity we have to conquer this is by harnessing our future power from Renewable Energy. Wind Turbine, Solar Panels, Hydroelectric, Geothermal etc. are some of the more popular options. However, in Guyana, Solar Energy is the most practical and economical application to employ. Solar Energy harnessing helps us save on our monthly utility bills, reduces our carbon footprint, protect our environment, and, empower us for our next career path. STARR COMPUTERS Inc (STARR) has taken up the challenge in Guyana to promote Alternative Energy and to play its part in helping to save the earth and create new employment opportunities.

Electricity will continue to rise and production cost will escalate on an annual basis, while survival will become unbearable if we continue to depend on fossil fuel. And eventually we face the threat of joining many other nations in the struggle to survive in a hostile climate rebellion. Guyana is strategically located north of the equator with an abundance of sunlight throughout the year. And, we hold the key at this precise time in history to make a difference for our future generation by turning towards Alternative Energy – simply by harnessing photons from sunlight to generate Solar Energy.
A Solar Power System consists of an array of Solar Panels, a charge controller, an inverter, and, a few batteries to store energy. This system can be as basic as we choose for personal use, or, as large as we prefer for an income generation opportunity.

Renewable Energy is reliable, clean and, safe. While its upfront capital cost may be considered high, a cost benefit analysis has shown that the investment can be recovered from savings over five years of use in Guyana. And, with a 20+ years guarantee on the Solar Panels give you 15 years of free energy usage thereafter. Furthermore if legislation is passed to allow a return of excess power to the local electrical grid via a smart Inverter, then this new incentive will substantially and additionally reduce our cost and increase our savings. Most importantly, this will help Guyana to reduce its foreign Exchange depletion.

STARR has partnered with a group of international manufacturers and engineers, and, our local financial Institution to find ways and means to make Renewable Energy affordable, reliable and safe for all in Guyana.  STARR had already taken the initiative of powering itself from Renewable Energy using a hybrid system consisting of Wind and Sun application.
Through an ongoing program in Guyana, STARR offers free educational seminars and field trips to the public at its facilities at 59 Brickdam, Georgetown. The free Seminar includes forty five minutes of presentation in its training room, a field trip to its Solar Showroom, and, it’s Roof Garden for a demonstration of its Wind Turbine and Sun-tracking Solar Panel installation.
Participants continue to express a high degree of appreciation and excitement for this initiative taken by STARR in leading the way for a cleaner source of energy.