Speech given by Junior Vice President, Mr. Vishnu Doerga at the Dale Carnegie Workshop

Mr. Alfonso De Armas: Managing Director, Dale Carnegie Guyana, Mr. Ercell Charles, VP Training, Dale Carnegie of Atlanta, Mr. E. De Armas, Director of Training, Dale Carnegie Guyana, Other Guest and Participants. We at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry take great pleasure in hosting this important workshop geared at dramatically increasing your leadership effectiveness and your team‘s performance.

In Guyana, we are blessed with an abundance of natural resources. The key factor required to benefit from these natural resources is the human aspect. Without a capable and committed workforce, we will continue to experience poor levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

The 2013 GCCI attitudinal survey indicated that in terms of the major obstacles of doing business in Guyana, 42 % of our participating members identified keeping good employees as the most disadvantageous factor.

Since the attitudinal survey reflects the perception of employers in general, I am hopeful that today’s workshop may alter this occasionally uninformed viewpoint by highlighting the role we, as leaders, need to play in order not to only retain but to develop our valuable human resources.

Employee engagement in my opinion seeks to build the understanding, capacity and performance of us and our employees. Aligning employee with company goals will result in a win-win structure for all involved as today’s consumers expect superior services and will readily shun entities where employees are not committed.

We at the Georgetown Chamber are committed to supporting the development of our national human resource pool by hosting regular training seminars, by airing enlightening TV programmes and by disseminating information among other initiatives. We welcome this investment by Dale Carnegie Training, as we welcome your participation this morning and encourage each and every one of you to examine, adapt and implement the strategies and techniques that will we shared with you.