Once again, Raj Singh Insurance Brokers & Risk Management Consultants Inc(RSI), Guyana’s premier Insurance Brokerage Firm for marine insurance, has taken the lead in sponsoring a much needed marine insurance seminar catering to the ever growing needs and education of the business trading and services community. This is the second time that this Firm has organized such a seminar with the first being held some 7 years ago at the Hotel Tower under the auspices of the Insurance Institute of Guyana. This seminar will be facilitated by Mr Alan Thomas, renowned marine insurance expert out of London with over 20 years experience as a senior Underwriter for Steamship Mutual, North of England P & I (formerly Newcastle) and Ocean Marine Mutual. Since 1999, Alan started his own Company called New World Marine Insurance Consultants Ltd and possesses clients in the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Asia and West Africa.

This seminar will be held at the Campbell Room, Georgetown Club, Camp St on Thursday, December 11th, 2014. Already, close to 45 persons have registered for this seminar which includes representatives from several leading insurance companies from Trinidad and Guyana such as Beacon Insurance Company, Assuria, NAFICO and Diamond Fire & General Insurance Co. Other participants will be drawn from vessel owners, cargo interests, staff from RSI and another broking house. The seminar serves to empower their customers, staff and others in the local insurance industry with the requisite knowledge of how marine insurance works, underwriting information needed, risk management basics, claim do’s and don’ts, etc. To learn about how best online poker sites and poker websites works and educate how best poker sites operate. The knowledge gained from this session is expected to translate into faster underwriting process and a better understanding of the claims settlements since the customer would have a better idea of requirements of marine insurance and what to do at the time of a claim.

RSI is innovatively driven and realises the need for Guyana’s Insurance Industry to grow, RSI has a Brightway Insurance Agency in Florida and is quite attuned to way things are done internationally. “We are determined to be that driving force not only in the marine industry but all classes of insurance to bring insurance business on par with other developed countries one step at a time.”


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