GCCI business magazine targets transformative projects for Guyana

THE Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), on Tuesday evening, launched the fourth edition of its ‘Business Guyana’ magazine, themed ‘Transform Guyana’.

President of GCCI, Clinton Urling (right) and Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds after unveiling the fourth edition of the Business Guyana Magazine

President of GCCI, Clinton Urling (right) and Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds after unveiling the fourth edition of the Business Guyana Magazine

Speaking at the function, which took place at the Pegasus Hotel, in Kingston, GCCI President, Mr. Clinton Urling said the theme captures the many transformative projects being pursued by the Government and private sector companies.

“These projects will, significantly, alter the physical landscape of our country as they also contribute considerable wealth and to the economic and social opportunities for the benefit of all our stakeholders,” he asserted.

Urling added that the importance of investments cannot be overstated, since all the resources and factor endowments can be available but, if there is no one to exploit and transform them into viable economic projects, it would just be a great opportunity and a potential.

He said the publication aims to promote Guyana as an attractive destination in which investments can thrive and also to attract global companies.

“When large companies invest, they often bring with them a higher level of technological sophistication and managerial confidence. They provide the necessary capital, requirements for large investment projects, which our local capital markets are too small to provide and they often provide critical infrastructural upgrades in areas such as transport,” Urling pointed out.

High level
According to him, the book still has a very high level quality of writing in its content, which was updated to reflect the dynamics of the economic and business environment in Guyana today, while sustaining the objectives of the edition.

Urling informed that local writers wrote all of the articles inside because it was very easy to find top notch ones.

He said, this year, the magazine has achieved the distinction of being the highest income earner for the GCCI, with an impressive 200 percent increase in revenue from its publishing.

Urling expressed sincere gratitude to the advertisers, without whom it would not have been possible and who made this fourth edition a huge success.

He said, this year, too, they have completely re-engineered the magazine’s entire core concepts, since they felt that they should not be complacent.

The changes include a new designer, publisher, cover, paper, different quality, layout and graphics and also a reduced number and higher quality of photos.

The end result is a more streamlined, premium and classy publication that stands out from the almost identical style that is used by other magazines that are currently on the market, Urling remarked.

He said the idea for the magazine came about in 2009, from the chamber’s trade and investment committee and, at the time, there was none on the market that catered to selling Guyana as an investment destination.

First edition
The first edition was put out in 2010 and, every year, they produce 5,000 copies, which, because of the demand over the years, they are looking to increase the volume next year, he disclosed.

Urling said the magazine is distributed globally through the Embassies and High Commissions, Foreign Missions here in Guyana, international trade shows and the chamber’s network of stakeholders.

Meanwhile, speaking on the occasion, as well, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds commended Urling and the GCCI on the publication and wished them continued success.

He noted that Guyana has had seven years of five percent economic growth and he hopes the country can stay on this path.

Mr. Hinds said, while this growth is commendable, there is no doubt that the country can get to where it needs to be, through the cooperation of its people.

He said the GCCI has an interest in getting all Guyanese working efficiently, so that there can be more money to ensure the economic growth.

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