DeSinco Trading is authorized distributor for premium product for dogs

( Distribution giant, DeSinco Trading Limited, has added yet another product to its already extensive portfolio. The company has recently been appointed as the authorized distributor of “Command Performance – Dog & Puppy Food”; a premium product retailing at a very competitive price.

According to the entity, Command Performance has been made available to the local market by the manufacturer – National Flour Mill out of Trinidad & Tobago.
“Command Performance was created with Dog Lovers in mind. Both varieties of the product provide the right nutrients that will lengthen your dog’s life span. Command Performance Dog & Puppy Food offers 30 percent more protein that will aid in the development of muscular strength, optimal fat for increased alertness, optimal fibre for proper digestion and taste optimizers.”
On August 5 last, DeSinco Trading made a generous donation to the Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty (GSPCA) through the Command Performance brand.
The items were handed over at the company’s retail outlet – Decor & Gift Gallery located at 48 John & Sheriff Streets.
Director at DeSinco Trading, Ms. Alicia DeAbreu said that the company remains committed to being a responsible and good corporate citizen. “Command Performance is an excellent product at an excellent price and we have no doubt that the market will adapt well, like it has done in other countries to date.”
She said the company is pleased to provide the GSPCA with this assistance because they know that it is the right food to have them restore their pets to full health and strength. Administrator of the GSPCA, Ms. Jacqueline Luther, received several sacks of the Command Performance brand dog food on behalf of the animal care agency and expressed gratitude for the much needed donation.
The Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has been established well over fifty years and throughout its time has remained committed to providing quality health care, clean environs, and in some instances – homes to abandoned and uncared animals.
The Organization receives annual financial assistance from the Government of Guyana but has been able to keep their doors open through fundraising activities, volunteer services and donations.