Our Member Amazon Caribbean Guyana Limited was at SIAL 2014!

  • 6,300 exhibitors, all food industry suppliers
  • 20 product sectors and food channels
  • 85 % international exhibitors – 105 countries represented

Imagine in the middle of these exhibitors, the flag of GUYANA  proudly flying above organic hearts of palm and organic pineapples  grown in Guyana, processed in Guyana, looking spectacular and tasting incredible.

This was SIAL 2014 in PARIS, FRANCE.

Where AMAZON CARIBBEAN GUYANA LIMITED, the only Company representing Guyana and Guyanese products for more than 20 years in a row was once again ready for the show.

With its Managing Director ready to conquer markets as well as learning everything possible from food processors from 105 countries and picking up new ideas for the Guyanese agricultural sector, particularly in the organic food, there was going to be 4 busy days.

This year, AMAZON CARIBBEAN GUYANA LIMITED (AMCAR) presented a project to develop its markets and build capacity using SIAL 2014 as a launch pad for its new product Heart of Palm special PLANCHA as well as building partnership to develop organic agriculture in Guyana, seeking assistance from the world’s best specialist in the field of organic soil regeneration and planning.

AMCAR successfully applied to Caribbean Export Development Agency in order to obtain some Funding provided by the 10th EDF Regional Private Sector Development Programme, Direct Assistance Grant Scheme. In its application, AMCAR had identified to achieve the following objectives :
• Representation of Guyanese products at a World Wide renowned Food Fair
• Contact potential customers
• Check international competition and gather new ideas for products. Check packaging materials and gauge our position compared to competition
• Finalise deals with current customers and strengthen our position as organic producer
• Promote Guyana and organic products for future production and possible joint venture.
Participation to such a great fair requires energy and workforce. AMCAR chose to join forces with its long term importer to create synergy and use the best selling skills.
In the words of AMCAR Managing Director, the booth was “busy” and welcomed many visitors.
Many visitors were very interested in the product but also the collaboration with communities, particularly from the hinterland. Many were amazed to see the quality of product and the incredible packaging for the product. Once they tasted it, they were even more convinced of its quality.


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