60 young people complete US SKYE programme

(source: www.newsnow.gy)

Some 60 Guyanese youths have completed the “Be Your Own Boss” component of the SKYE program rolled out by the United States Embassy in Georgetown.

The men and women will now be using the skills and competencies gained to focus on developing their creative ideas into competitive and sustainable small businesses, with further direct support from the SKYE Program.

It is expected that a culture of entrepreneurship will further develop the communities in which they live and operate their businesses.

U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, Bryan Hunt said there were several testimonies that could be shared on how the program was developing entrepreneurial and managerial skills among young, ambitious Guyanese who want to make a positive difference in their lives and communities.

“Throughout the world, young people increasingly share a belief that becoming an entrepreneur is the most challenging and exciting way to make their dreams and ideas a reality,” Hunt said.

He reasoned that entrepreneurs, whether young or old, can sometimes face discouraging obstacles, particularly in countries with underdeveloped financial systems, overdeveloped bureaucracies, and inadequate infrastructures.

Hunt believes that as nations, the United States and Guyana can grow and progress only when an effort is made to broaden entrepreneurial opportunity, “when more of us can test our ideas in the global marketplace, and when the best innovations can rise to the top.”

Also present at this morning’s event which was held at the Regency Hotel was President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lance Hinds.

He congratulated the young Guyanese and encouraged them to use what was learnt during the program to develop their lives and communities.