Security remains biggest threat to mining sector – GGMC Commissioner

( Security at remote mining communities in Guyana remains a major challenge to the sector according to the newly appointed Commissioner of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), Rickford Vieira.

Speaking on the weekly televised programme, El Dorado Shines, Vieira said security is not only a major concern for miners but also for GGMC officers out in the field.

Rickford Vieira

Rickford Vieira

“The major challenge out there is security, not only for miners but also for the officers out there collecting revenue, executing seizures and so on. They are very much alone and the same people that he or she is supposed to monitor is the same people they will depend on for protection and this is one of the challenges that we face,” he said.

The vast expanse of land on which mining is being conducted poses another challenge to GGMC officers, particularly when it comes to effectively monitoring these operations.

“Another challenge is that these operations are geographically scattered, all the operations for example in Mahdia are not in one small area…Although we have sub-stations out there, the fact of the matter is they can’t reach all of them all the time,” Vieira stated.

The Commissioner said much attention is being given to these issues and in the area of security; efforts are being made for all stakeholders to play a meaningful role in addressing the situation.