Patsan Trading

  • Address: 282 Sheriff & John Streets, Campbellville, Georgetown, Guyana.
  • Telephone: 592 225-9832
  • Fax: 592 227-7624
  • Email:

We introduce ourselves as the largest single importer of Food and Beverage products in Georgetown, Guyana. We started business in Guyana on 4th October, 1974.

Patsan represents a wide range of Supermarket Products, Jasmine Rice and Parboiled Rice, Food, Beverage and Auto After Market Products from Thailand.  Our inventory includes Organic Hair Care, Plastic Household Items, Disposable Plastic and Styro Cups, Plates, Cutlery and  Food Boxes, etc., Alcoholic and Non – Alcoholic Wines, Vodka and Brandy, Energy Drink, Evaporated and Powdered Milk, Cooking Oil, Baker’s Yeast, Powdered and Liquid Laundry Detergent , Air Freshener, Baby and Adult Diapers and Wipes and Sanitary Napkins.  A full range of Household and Hotel Electrical Appliances in both 110 & 220 volts, Window and Split System Air Conditioners, Auto Brake Pads, Oil Filters, Electrical Fittings, Cables, Energy Saver Fluorescent Lamps, Tubes and Bulbs are included in our inventory. We only import from Manufacturing sources in Argentina, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Peru, Spain, Thailand, The Netherlands, Trinidad, Turkey and USA, etc. Our supply sources since 1974 are reputable for high quality products at sensible prices. We are always seeking new products, providing the quality is premium and prices are competitive.

We are Manufacturers’ Representative, Sole Agents, Importers, Exporters, Consolidators and Warehouse Distributors. We are the Exclusive Distributors for our Suppliers/Manufacturers’ products.

We carry the largest single inventory; check out our 70,000 sq ft Warehouse Facility.