J.T.W & Associates Management Institute Inc.

  • Address: 157 Waterloo Street, Goergetown
  • Telephone: 592 223-5148/592 661-2508
  • Fax: None
  • Website: www.jtwassociates.gy
  • Email: jtwmanagement9@gmail.com
JTW & Associates is a leading Management Consulting and Economic Development firm dedicated to helping organizations and communities, develop and grow. Our clients in various sectors include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), private enterprises and government agencies.

Services include:

• Advisory services: economic and organizational development
• Strategic and Business Plans
• Work Plans
• Project Proposals and Project Management Plans
• Performance Management Plans
• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Social & Economic Research
• Cluster/Sector Analysis and Strategies
• Due Diligence
• Organizational Analysis
• Institutional Strengthening
• Community Capacity-Building

We believe in delighting our clients with targeted research, insightful analysis and actionable recommendations. Clients appreciate our responsiveness, commitment, focus and results.