Inspire Inc.

  • Address: 62 Area Q, Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown
  • Telephone: 592 222-2042
  • Fax: None
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Inspire Incorporated is a Guyana-based Company registered in 2011. From its inception, Inspire Inc. became well known across the country due to the involvement in strategic brand-building activities that focused on hosting family based events in order to build a goodwill in the Guyanese market. Unlike other companies that started by retailing its goods and services, Inspire Inc. started by building its brand.

From the year 2012 to current time, we have built a company that is engaged in commercial and non-commercial activities, delivering early ROI to its investors while continuing to build on its goodwill. In the process we have built relationships with a  number of stakeholders through which we are able to position our goods and services to a large number of persons.

Through strategic acquisitions and expansion, Inspire Inc. has developed into a full fledged marketing and advertising company with its in-house ability to print, promote and strategize on any concept for its clients. Meanwhile, our long term vision of  becoming a media empire remains very visible to us as we strive to continue building towards that goal.

Our current focus is developing our print-capabilities and our marketing and advertising capabilities as we offer strategic planning and marketing to a number of clients.