Guyana Trinidad Mutual Fire & Life Insurance Group

  • Address: 27-29 Robb & Hincks Streets, Georgetown, Guyana.
  • Telephone: 592 225-7912-9
  • Fax: 592 225-9397
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The Guyana & Trinidad Group of Insurance Companies comprise the Guyana & Trinidad Mutual Fire Insurance Company Ltd and the Guyana & Trinidad Mutual Life Insurance Company Ltd.  The Group operates in eleven (11) Branch Offices located throughout Guyana and five (5) Offices in St. Lucia, Grenada and St. Vincent.

For more than 132 years and 85 years respectively, the Fire and Life Companies have built a tradition of superior insurance service in Guyana and the Caribbean territories in which they operate.

The products of the Life Company include: Individual & Group Health, Traditional & Universal Life Insurance and Pensions & Annuities.

The Fire Company offers: Fire & Perils ranging from Participating & Non-Participating, Comprehensive & Homeowners or Householders’ Policies, Business Interruption, All Risks, Motor and General Liability Insurance Policies.

In keeping with the Vision and Mission for the future, the Company is committed to providing Customer Oriented Service of the highest professional and ethical standards.

 GTM – Sound Solid Reliable