Working Cooperation Agreement between the Junior Chamber International and Georgetown Chamber of Commerce

Working and Cooperation Agreement – Junior Chamber International Guyana and Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

By signing of this Agreement Junior Chamber International Guyana (JCI Guyana) and Georgetown Chamber of Commerce (GCCI) confirm their partnership:

In recognition of the common pursuit and complementary objectives and that out members belong to the same community of entrepreneurs and share the same desire to contribute to the advancement of global economic and social progress and

Convinced that collaboration and cooperation between both organizations will provide improved services to their respective membership.

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

JCI’s mission is to contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for young people to develop the leadership skills, social responsibility entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to create positive change.

Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI)

The GCCI’s mission is “to promote and protect local, regional and foreign trade and to create a business environment that sustains economic vitality and promotes economic development”.

The primary role of the Chamber is to represent the business community at local and national levels so that their interests and concerns are heard, understood and addressed.

Areas of Cooperation

JCI Guyana and GCCI have agreed on the following activities with each party understanding that such an agreement does not restrict their independence and management of any project originating from its organization nor restrict their possibility to the development of any other cooperative or joint project of mutual interest to each other.

Awareness and Recognition

JCI Guyana will endeavor to inform its membership of GCCI, to foster an environment where GCCI members, companies and organizations can receive support and cooperate in the areas of capacity building (training).

JCI Guyana will be a permanent member of the GCCI and GCCI members can benefit from JCI membership.

JCI Guyana will endeavor to inform its members of the value and importance of the GCCI, its rules and activities and will encourage and support JCI Guyana’s members to participate at GCCI’s activities.

Business Program

Both organizations will assist each other in making their activities more widely known, in particularly through their respective contacts across the country where the JCI organization is less visible than other organizations.

JCI Guyana will contribute articles for GCCI’s newsletter on a regular basis and circulate information to its affiliate, JCI West Indies on a regular basis and vice versa where applicable.

Both organizations will exchange information and material regularly to each other on respective programme of activity.

GCCI will endeavor to encourage its membership to participate at fora such as seminars/workshops and roundtable discussions coordinated by JCI Guyana and will strive at publicizing these activities and vice versa.


GCCI and JCI Guyana will invite each other to send representatives to their general assemblies, conferences and congress at the state, national and international level.

Both organizations will make available at National Convention and Conferences, information and materials on their activities.

This can include presentations, both facilities as well as private meetings.

JCI training programmes will be promoted to GCCI members and vice versa.


Business- JCI Guyana will ensure that on line programmes promoted by JCI is accessible by GCCI in an effort to benefit from all the opportunities.

Awards and competition- GCCI will be invited to promote and serve as judge for the JCI Best Business Plan (BBP) and Creative Young Entrepreneurs Award (CYEA).

JCI Guyana will be available to serve the GCCI in a similar capacity (as judge).

Implementation of Agreement

In ensuring that this Agreement remains active JCI Guyana will appoint a Director whose duties will include direct liaison with the GCCI. This Offer will be responsible for among other duties the promotion of the GCCI functions, membership and actions to the JCI Guyana membership and its affiliate, JCI West Indies.

For the GCCI, the task of this Agreement will be implemented by the GCCI. The role of the GCCI is to ensure the coordination of the JCI Guyana work with the GCCI.

Signed in Georgetown, Guyana, 19 day of September 2008.

Lisette Wills
State President – 2008

Chandradat Chintamani
GCCI President 2008-09


1. Jean Bacchus
Executive Director

2. Allan Morris
JCI West Indies VP 2008