Computer Care

  • Address: 3rd Floor  Sharon’s Building, 154 Charlotte and King Streets, Georgetown
  • Telephone: 592 225-1470
  • Fax: 592 219-3176
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Computer Care is a Guyana-base Software Development, Artificial Intelligence Programming, Computer customization, and Computer Systems maintenance company.

It is arguably the Caribbean’s sole developer of artificial intelligence (A.I) software applications, and a leading provider of other technological innovations aimed at enhancing regional business services, social services, and online education.

In spirit, Computer Care is home to some of the region’s most respected software engineers, computer systems professionals, application developers, and information systems security analysts.

Since its founding in November 2015, the entity was able to quickly cement a dominant role within the regional eLearning innovations sector by deploying the Caribbean’s first multi-million dollar Artificial Intelligence Learning platform at: and; which harbors a combine total of more than 500 users from more than twenty countries daily.

It is also the developer of the soon to be release “Teacher Aimee Learning Tool” ( and EncryptMail; an email software that would encrypted business emails and documents from hackers or unauthorized listeners.

To further secure its lead position on regional technology matters, Computer Care has acquire 90% ownership of Cyber WatchDog Technologies (see: one of the leading Cyber Security entities in the Caribbean and Latin America, as of February 2016; and is in the process of relocating its core operations to Guyana and Dubai (the UAE).

And even though the development and deployment of A.I based software is responsible for more than 60% of its revenue generation for the past six months, the entity still plays a crucial role in the hardware and systems services area of Information Technology.

Computer Care is the professional IT Company that serious customer’s and corporate clients go to whenever they desire the best in computer repairs, spyware removal, virus removal, system clean ups, security sweeps, data protection, software customization, software development, and artificial intelligence systems implementation to power their homes, their networks, and their businesses.

The entity is located at Sharon’s building (at the corner of 154 Charlotte and King Streets, Georgetown) where it maintains a retail service outlet on the second floor, and a sprawling software development unit and I.T training laboratory on the third floor.

Its hardware analysis and repair centre is located at Non-Pariel on the East Coast of Demerara, Guyana.

Our Services

From protecting your computers against dangerous virus intrusions and spyware, to installing complex networks within large organizations, the services offered by Computer Care are extensive and second to none.

The company is always cognizant of global trends, future innovations, and the technological requirements for various situations, ranging from selling you the right quality of computer systems for your use at home, to developing an advance and flawless software that is relevant to your company needs.

And to better address the ever expanding needs of local clients, the entity has retained an in-house conglomerate of US and European trained I.T professionals to adequately facilitate its ever evolving range of services which includes; –

1 – Software development

2 – Database development

3 – Network security and maintenance

4 – Data and electronic information security

5 – Artificial Intelligence Applications Development

6 – Mobile Applications development

7 – Systems and hardware security

8 – Customize email encryption and silent tracking

9 – Data repair, back-up and recovery

10 – General computer repairs

11 – Webpage and online systems development

12 – e-Learning platform development

13 – Communications network encryption

14 – General computer systems maintenance

15 – Online and classroom training in various IT sectors.