( The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry wants the local political policy makers to engage in constructive dialogue  to arrive at agreement on the important issues facing our economy and social development.

The GCCI does not believe snap elections will be the solution to the current political impasse.

“General elections are costly, time-consuming exercises which should preferably be conducted at the time when they are constitutionally due. The parliamentary parties must therefore make every effort to find ways to discuss, negotiate and, reach some level of consensus on the issues critical to this nation’s growth and development. The citizens of Guyana deserves no less an effort”, the organisation said in a statement.

It noted that the process of negotiation and agreement occurs in many comparative jurisdictions and it is therefore “up to our political leaders to demonstrate resolve and maturity that leads to win-win outcomes”.

The Alliance For Change has been floating the idea of moving  a no confidence motion against the Government, which could force the President to call early elections. General elections are constitutionally due  by 2016.

 The Chamber of Commerce believes that any discussion on elections should be about Local Government elections which have not been called by the PPP Civic administration in 20 years.

The Chamber said “In this regard we echo the sentiments of the Private Sector Commission that the absence of LGE has made (and continues to) it difficult for our businesses to operate. We also note that all discussions about constitutional reform seem to have fallen off the map.”